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3 năm thành lập bảo vệ mầm sống việt nam

This update comes three years since our first prolife training in Vietnam - Nov.-13-2017.

From our first training, babies have been saved, sometimes even from scheduled abortions when their mums attended the training. Two babies were saved like this recently, one woman was even on her way to have the abortion when a friend met her on the road and invited her to the training! Trainings average about 200 people, so there are good-sized ‘communities of people’ becoming aware, turning their backs on abortion and acting to save babies from abortion!

Since training, a Hmong woman has intervened and counseled three women who had decided to abort their babies. All three babies have since been born.

After training, a man returned to his village and hearing about a family who had 2 children and were intending to abort their third child, went to talk to them. Seeing their hardship he offered to give them 1 million dong (of his own money) when the baby is born to help the family. They have decided to keep their baby.


www.baovemamsong.org is our new Pro-Life website in Vietnamese and English. The training program is downloadable, along with videos and other resources. A great video to show friends or your church is an amazing 12-year-old girl speaking about abortion - https://baovemamsong.org/resources/media/

You can save the prolife icon (Bao Ve Mam Song) left, on your phone giving direct access to videos and materials. We hope this will be a useful tool for those who give intervention and help to women in pregnancy crisis, (any time a woman may abort), and to those promoting and teaching prolife values.

Many women choose not to abort after seeing the reality of what abortion is and just how human babies in the womb are! So be prepared and save a life!

Crisis Call number

Since 2019 more than 34 people have called in to ask for help related to pregnancy crisis, and we believe 16 have kept and delivered their babies. Local churches joined in to help provide care for some women. At least two women were taken in and cared for by a church while they waited to give birth. Both have since had their babies.

Pregnancy Help Centers/Rooms (PHC)

Along with the on-going training of churches, we also believe one of the next exciting stages will be when Christian communities begin to open pregnancy counselling rooms/centers in or near hospitals, clinics and places women come looking for abortions.

This expression of Christian love, is what many women in pregnancy crisis are actually hoping to find!

DID YOU KNOW? Research shows that many women who come to abortion centers actually want to save their baby! A study of 252 post-abortion women by David Reardon (USA), https://clinicquotes.com/abortion-counseling-study/, shows:

  • 44% stated they were actively hoping to find an option other than abortion during counseling.
  • 83% said it was very likely they would’ve chosen differently if they had not been so strongly encouraged to abort by others, including their abortion counselors (doctors/nurses).

So where is the church? Why isn’t the church becoming actively involved in helping provide counsel and care to women in pregnancy crisis? Providing counsel and care for women in pregnancy crisis is a perfect ministry for the church to be involved in!

Pro-Life Vietnam is ready to train anyone who has a heart to serve in this life-saving ministry.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support which makes this all possible.

The Pro-Life Vietnam Team (Hanoi)

Contact: David 091-210-5453

Pro-Life Vietnam Trains local Christians to: • Reject abortion • Give Pregnancy Crisis Intervention locally • Teach Life Values in the secular culture at large • Offer Post-abortion Healing and Recovery Contact: Email: baovemamsong@gmail.com Web: www.baovemamsong.org Pregnancy Crisis Help (Vietnamese): 034-22-44-820


Speak up for those unable to speak, in the cause of all who are appointed to die. Pro.31:8

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