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One Family who Chose to Save their Son.

One Family who Chose to Save their Son.

What do you do when the scan shows your unborn baby has facial and head deformities and the doctor says you should abort?

Here is the touching story of one brave couple who faced that very situation – as told in their words.

Joshua and God's Love, from Nigeria, teach English in Hanoi. They attend church at Hanoi International Fellowship, My Dinh.

It was a huge joy for us, a young couple, when my wife became pregnant in April 2018. We were super excited to be parents for the first time!

We had normal check-ups in the hospital until the seventh month. Everything was fine until the doctor scanned our baby’s facial features – he couldn’t see his mouth and nose.

The next month we returned for another scan, at which the doctor diagnosed our baby as having facial cleft, bilateral cleft lip and palate and an abnormally shaped top of his head. It was a sad situation for us, having a baby with such deformities.

When the doctor advised we should abort our baby we went home and started praying that the baby wouldn’t be born deformed.

We felt sad and depressed during this time but we continued to pray asking God for guidance and direction. The doctor tried to convince us to abort, saying that the baby’s condition was terrible and we would not be able to take care of the baby, but we still decided to keep our baby. Abortion was never an option for us as we understand abortion to be a sin – the taking of an innocent life. Moreover, we believed that God, who gave us this beautiful gift, would not forsake us, but would help us and see us through this difficult time.

Above: Miracle at one year old, after three corrective surgeries. He will need more surgeries in time. Miracle’s an awesome little boy! He always gives me the best hugs of anyone I know!

When Miracle was born, he remained in ICU for three weeks and over the following months had to undergo 3 operations to correct facial deformities. We are so thankful to God for all the excellent medical care, and the doctors who gave corrective surgery to Miracle’s face.

However, while we really appreciate the doctors and medical staff, we are also glad we did not give in to the pressure to abort our child. Although our son has some disfigurement, we nevertheless, still love our little boy. We are thankful that he is growing up strong and healthy, and is such a smart little boy, even though we know there will be more surgeries needed and some difficult days ahead. Be encouraged, and trust in God.

We love our son and he is so precious to us, just as we believe every little child is precious.

At Pro-Life Vietnam we believe that every child (born or unborn) is made in the image of God and should be valued for that reason alone. We believe life begins at conception and that all individuals are so loved by God that Christ died for them. Therefore, all babies (born or unborn) should be protected, loved and nurtured, regardless of deformities, special needs, gender or any other factor. This is the response God desires from us.

Joshua and God’s Love chose life for their son, and we applaud them for that. Their strong faith in God continues to help them through difficult times. Miracle is very fortunate to have these parents of faith and love who have preserved his life and given him a future.

Story published by Pro-Life Vietnam (Bảo Vệ Mầm Sống Việt Nam).

April, 2021.

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