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Doctor Confirms Abortion is Not Health Care 

Florida OB-GYN William Lile has made it his life’s mission to teach people about how unborn babies are valuable individuals who deserve the same care as any other medical patient.

In a new interview with Live Action News, the pro-life doctor explained how medical science points to this truth. Babies in the womb have their own blood type and unique fingerprints. Doctors perform fetal surgery, often removing the baby from the womb and then replacing them, to correct problems with their spine or heart. Ultrasounds show unborn babies sucking their thumbs and responding to touch.

“It really comes down to patient rights,” Lile said. “Are babies in the womb patients and do they deserve the same care as their mothers? Absolutely, they do. You can’t ignore the scientific evidence.”

As part of his mission, he travels across the country, giving talks about modern medical advances and the unique and amazing ways babies develop before birth, according to the report.


“Surgical advances in fetal surgery such as Cardiac valvuloplasty, septoplasty, spina bifida corrective surgery and even intrauterine fetal blood transfusion prove that the pre-born are treated as patients, and if they are patients, they are persons with legal protection,” according to his website, ProLifeDoc.org.

Here’s more from Live Action:

[Lile] shares testimonies of babies as young as 18 weeks receiving life-saving blood transfusions and undergoing successful heart surgery. Lile recalls how a young man who was a pro-choice atheist yet a staunch supporter of patient rights admitted that Lile’s arguments had changed his mind about abortion.

Dr. Lile said, “Doctors aren’t supposed to pick and choose which patients they will administer care to. All patients deserve to be treated equally, including the preborn. Abortion is a moral and spiritual battle, but I believe the topic of patient rights is helping to move the needle forward in the debate.”

And just like with born people with fatal diagnoses, Lile said doctors should not kill unborn babies who are expected to die soon. Instead, he said these babies and their families deserve compassion and care at the end of life.

“It’s never okay to give up on your patients,” he told Live Action. “There are always errors in diagnosis. I assure my patients that I will be with them throughout the pregnancy and will do everything possible for them. My patients who have birthed these babies are grateful for the time with their child. They never regret carrying the baby to term.”

He said he also hopes to encourage churches to support parents through difficult pregnancy situations, whether that involves a baby with medical problems, a mother considering abortion or parents grieving a miscarriage.

“This is an area where churches sometimes fail to step up to the plate, in addition to the issue surrounding abortion,” Lile said. “Considering that 20 percent of women will miscarry, we need to do better for couples who are experiencing grief, anger, and depression as with any loss of a loved one.”

Unborn babies are unique, living human beings from the moment of conception. Doctors, medical textbooks, scientists and researchers all confirm that life begins at conception. Yet, more than 63 million unborn babies have been killed in elective abortions in the past 50 years.


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